Cythera Christmas Room

Every year Cythera is over joyed with requests from the community to support our clients during the holidays. To best meet the needs of the women, children and youth who access our services, we have created a no-cost shopping experience in our Christmas Room where program participants can choose gifts for their loved ones or for themselves.

Those impacted by abuse and violence are often faced with having choices in their lives limited or removed entirely. The Christmas Room serves as an opportunity for those impacted by violence and abuse to feel empowered by choice.

Our Christmas Room is an extremely effective way to meet the needs of so many of our families during this time of year. 

Donation Ideas

  • Pajamas

  • Clothing

  • Gift cards to stores, bookstores, grocery stores & malls

  • Small household items and small kitchen appliances

  • Toys – for all different ages

  • Beauty, bath & spa products

  • Sock, slippers & shoes

  • Scarves, toques, mitts & winter coats

  • Stocking stuffers


All items must be New and Unused


CONTACT US for more information participating in this program. If you have items you wish to donate they can be dropped off at the Counselling Centre.