Who are we

Our Mission

To achieve a balance of power in society which, we believe, will bring about an end to violence and abuse of women and children . Cythera strives to bring an end to domestic violence through transitional housing, counselling, education and access to additional community resources.

Our Vision

  • Ending violence is a community responsibility.  In responding to the diversity of our community, accessibility to services is imperative.  Our community has a responsibility to provide a safe haven for victims/survivors.

  • Violence and abuse is rooted in power imbalances and is never acceptable when it involves or is directed at women and children.

  • Ending violence and abuse is achieved through knowledge, which is power, and change.  And that change requires courage, conviction and commitment.

From the first meeting with them, I felt a hope that I had not felt before. In the one-on-one sessions, I found people who could understand what I was feeling. In the group meetings, I met other women, young and old, attractive, intelligent and caring who expressed the same things that I was feeling. I cried, suffered, talked and listened as others did the same and finally started to understand that just as we women shared a lot of the same experiences, the men also shared all the same traits of anger and oppression. “

— STV program participant