Frequently Asked Questions

You will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions, we hope that you can use these to address any concerns you may have about accessing our services. We encourage you to connect with us  24-hours a day 7 days a week. 604-467-9966.

Do I get my own room? Each women and family get their own room.

Am I Safe there? Cythera has implemented a variety of policies and mechanisms to maintain a safe and secure Transition House.

What can you help me with? Our main goal is to provide a safe and secure place to stay. Our staff can support you to connect with additional service providers to help with your legal, financial and housing needs.

Do people do drugs there? Cythera is a zero-tolerance house for alcohol and drugs.

Can I bring my pets? We are not able to accommodate pets currently. We can refer you to foster services in the community.

How long can I stay? Women and children are welcome to stay up to 30 days.

What should I bring? Like many homes we have limited storage space available, we ask that you only bring one small bag per person. These items should include important paperwork and documents, clothing and personal items.

What if my abuser finds out where I am? Staff can support you with personal and internet safety. Our Transition House is staffed 24 hours a day and has security features in place to protect resident’s safety and anonymity.

I can’t live with other people! Community living is hard, but you have your own room and there are quiet spots in the house for you to retire to when you need it.

I don’t have a way to get there? We encourage women to reach out to family and professional supports for their transportation needs. The Transition House is located near transit routes in the community. If neither of these options work for you, please contact us and we can explore other transportation options with you.

Do people steal? Each room is equipped with locking doors and a lock box. We encourage women to find alternative places to store their valuable belongings.  

What is the house like? The house looks and feels like most family homes, it just happens to feature more bedrooms and an office space for our staff. The home has a communal kitchen, two bathrooms, laundry, TV room, children’s area, large fenced backyard as well as many other comforts.

Do I have to share a bathroom? We have two bathrooms for all residents to share. These bathrooms look and feel like a bathroom in a typical family home.

Do you work for MCFD? Cythera is an independent organization in the community. Cythera has developed positive working relationships with many community service providers and has supported and advocated for many families navigating these systems.

I don’t want anyone to know I am there? We ask that all women staying the house support each other by maintaining one anothers confidentiality.

Do I have to pay to stay? All of Cythera’s programs and services are No Cost. We provide housing, food and most toiletries during your stay.

Can I cook my specialty foods there? Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and welcome in the Transition House. We invite you to make the food you enjoy.