Resources for Professionals

Always put your client’s safety first. Do not discuss domestic abuse and/or violence in front of the abuser. Women experiencing domestic abuse and violence need to be heard, respected and believed. Provide referrals and resources as your client permits and educate yourself as to the signs of abuse and the ways in which you can support your client to create safety. Below you will find resources you can use to support your client; either by helping her to develop a safety plan or by educating yourself about abuse.

Safety Planning

Safety Plans are important for both women who are planning to leave or to say in the relationship. Completing a safety plan can support a women to seek out safety when things are escalating at home or in order to exit the relationship.

Educate Yourself

Domestic Violence can be difficult to see in a relationship. Abusers are often described as charming and use a variety of tactics to maintain power and control over their partners. Abusers manipulate family, friends, relatives, employers and professionals to maintain their power and control of their partner.

Educating yourself about the red flags and impacts of abuse is a great place to start supporting your client.

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